So, a funny thing happened on my way to blogging about how much fun OKC is…

…I’ve been having so much fun that there’s hardly time to write about it!  I started this blog so that family and friends could follow along and discover how great life in OKC is along with me.  In the process I figured I’d brush up on my writing skills, maybe make some connections, and probably become an OVERNIGHT BLOGGING SENSATION, with a massive readership hanging on my EVERY WORD, holding their collective breath to find out just what was the NEXT. COOL. THING. I’d discovered about this place.

What I found out instead was that I keep in touch with family and friends pretty well as it is, and everyone already knows how awesome OKC is.  So, I’m removing one thing from my to-do list (this blog), and thereby making more time to enjoy this place without thinking “Oh, I really should blog about this…”  You can still find me on Twitter @okcitylife.  And I won’t take this site down just yet, in case I have some more things to say.  But really, there are some great folks already blogging about all of the awesome, creative, grassr00ts, homegrown, Oklahoma-made stuff to do and see…so go read what they’re writing, if you want (you can begin with this blog’s blogroll if you’re looking for a place to start).  Better yet, get out and see it for yourself.


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